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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a Jeep to come to Pleasure Island Jeep Jam?

Of course not!  We welcome not only Jeep owners, but anyone that enjoys live music, delicious food trucks, shopping from vendors and giving back to local charities and the community!  Non-Jeep owners beware though…the “Jeep bug” might bite you and you’ll find yourself at the dealership!

Kick-Off Party

What is the kick-off party?

This is a party to officially kick off PIJJ with pre-purchased ticket pick-up, live music, sponsors and charities on site, not to mention lots of surrounding restaurants!


Where is the kick-off party?

TBD for 2024!

Do I need tickets to the kickoff party?

Nope!  The live music and festivities are free to everyone and open to the public to enjoy!

Fort Fisher State Park 4x4 beach

What is happening on the beach?  

The event festivities will be held Friday at the Blakeslee (formerly Fort Fisher) Air Force Recreation Area and Saturday's activities will move to the Fort Fisher State Park 4x4 beach!  We will have music, vendors, sponsors, a "Best of the Beach" competition, a cornhole tournament and so much more!

Do I need a pass to drive on the 4x4 beach at Fort Fisher?

Yes, a valid access pass is needed to drive on the beach.  A daily pass can be purchased online via the PIJJ website or in person at the Fort Fisher State Park visitor center office at 1000 Loggerhead Road, Kure Beach, NC 28449 from 8am-5pm

How much are the beach access passes?

Permits are $20 per day Monday - Friday and $30 per day on Saturdays and Sundays. Annual passes are available for $150.  Annual permits must be purchased in person at the Fort Fisher State Park visit center at 1000 Loggerhead Road, Kure Beach, NC 28449 from 8am-5pm

If I already have an annual pass for the Fort Fisher 4x4 beach, do I need to purchase a beach access pass on the PIJJ website?

No. If you have purchased an annual access at the Fort Fisher State Park office, no additional beach access passes are needed.  We are offering daily beach passes for sale for convenience of our participants.

Is camping allowed on the Fort Fisher 4x4 beach?

There is no camping allowed on the beach. For May, the gates to the beach will be operable from 8am-7:30pm.

If I cannot camp on the beach, where can I camp?

Pleasure Island features several camping options: Carolina Beach State Park campground, Winner's RV Park, Snow's Cut RV Retreat, Freeman Park and Wilmington KOA. 

I have seen people camping at the Blakeslee (formerly Fort Fisher) Air Force Recreation Area. Can I camp there too?

The campground is only authorized for active duty, National Guard, Reservists, Retired Military, DAV, DoD Civilians, Purple Heart Recipients and guests.  You can call the BAFRA at (910) 500-6465 for reservations or questions.

Do I need to air down for the beach?

If you are unfamiliar driving on sand, airing your tires down to 20psi will provide a wider surface area for your tires on the soft sand.  The sand particles are not stable and tires tend to dig in deep, creating more resistance. By airing down your tires, their footprint increases, and they don't sink in as deep. That translates to less resistance and a lesser chance to dig in. 

Is alcohol allowed on the beach?

Because it is a state park, consumption of alcoholic beverages is generally prohibited on the Fort Fisher 4x4 beach.  PIJJ does have a special permit to be able to serve beer within our event area on the beach.  No outside alcohol will be allowed inside the event area and no alcohol purchased inside the event area will be allowed to be taken out.

Pleasure Island Fun

What is a poker run?

A traditional poker run is an organized event in which participants must visit five to seven checkpoints and receive a card at each location.  The object is to make the best “poker hand” from the cards drawn.  PIJJ is doing a variation of a traditional poker run.  Participants must visit pre-designated locations around Pleasure Island, locate our PIJJ volunteer and draw a poker chip from their bag.  Each colored poker chip will receive a corresponding sticker on the player’s card.  Once the cards are turned in at the event, it will be revealed what the value of each poker chip/sticker is.  The fun of this method is that because the value of the chips is not established until AFTER the ride is concluded, no one knows if they have a “good card” or not.  The event has a time limit however the individual participants are not timed.

Is the poker run kid friendly?

Absolutely! Each location will have something for the kids to do. One stop in particular will be a hit with kids (young and old) with a sweet tooth!


Blakeslee (formerly Fort Fisher) Air Force Recreation Area

Where is Blakeslee?

Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area was renamed to Blakeslee Air Force Recreation Area in June 2023.  You can find out more at

Are separate tickets needed for each band playing at the event?

One event ticket (Friday, Saturday or 2-day pass) grants access to the event grounds, which will include food trucks, vendors, sponsors, activities and multiple bands!  The event festivities will be held Friday at the Blakeslee Air Force Recreation Area and Saturday's activities will move to the Fort Fisher State Park 4x4 beach!

Are coolers allowed into the Air Force Recreation Area event?

Coolers are not allowed, but refreshments will be available for purchase at the event.

What is "Best of the Beach"?

The name "Show & Shine" just didn't match the beach environment,, so we have changed to the "Best of the Beach" for 2024.  This is the opportunity to show off your rig!  There will be multiple categories for Wranglers: CJ (1953-1985), YJ (1987-1995), TJ/LJ (1997-2006), JK/JKU (2007-2018), JL/JLU (2018-2023) and for non-Wranglers: XJ (1984-2001), JT (2020-2023) and Overlander.

How much are tickets for children?

Children 12 and under are admitted to the event for free. Participants 13 years old and older will need an event ticket.

Will there be PIJJ merchandise for sale at the event?

Yes!  There will be hats, shirts, cups, stickers and much available for purchase!

If I purchased PIJJ merchandise online, where can I pick it up?

Pick up of pre-ordered event tickets, beach access passes and merchandise will be available for pick up, starting at TBD. Pick up will also be available at the Air Force Recreation Area event grounds Friday and at the beach Saturday. *Keep in mind any pre-purchased beach access permits for Saturday will need to be picked up and displayed prior to driving on the beach. 

Is this a dog friendly event?

Dogs are allowed at the Air Force Recreation Center and on the Fort Fisher State Park beach. They are required to be leashed and you must clean up after your pet.  You can be asked to leave by event staff at any time should a problem arise with your pet.

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